Many older people have taken the opportunity to be placed on an Aged Care Package. Under this scheme people get to live in their own home, but can receive assistance with personal care from Goodwin Village staff.


Goodwin Village is pleased to be able to provide this service to the elderly residents of Donald and district, and has been allocated several packages at this stage.


Through Community Care organisations, Villa Maria, Annecto, and Benetas, Goodwin Village is able to provide a contract care service to people. Aged Care Packages are designed for people who are living in their own home, and are reaching the stage when they need some assistance with personal care, but would rather stay in their own home, than enter residential care, like the Goodwin Village Hostel. Aged Care Packages ensure that people can receive assistance with the following: bathing/showering, dressing, meals, laundry, gardening, social activities and transport. A typical candidate for a package, is a person who is able to remain in their own home, but needs assistance in one or all of these areas.


Aged Care Packages have the potential to be a great support to family and carers, who are assisting an elderly person, with their desire to stay in their own home. Aged Care Packages are not a replacement for family/carer support, they are an addition to it. Aged Care Packages can also work well where there is no family or carer support.


Donald is well serviced with Home and Community Care (HACC) being delivered through the Buloke Shire Council. Care packages are different, because they offer a person coordination of different care services, and a more comprehensive care model. A case manager involved to help ensure clients receive the full range of the required co-ordinated services. A person can start off receiving minimal services, and progress to more assistance as required.


The added advantage of Aged Care Packages through Goodwin Village is that the Hostel is staffed 7 days a week and recipients can contact staff for advice. Staffing of the Packages is by Goodwin Village Personal Carers who are well trained, and have long periods of practical experience in all aspects of Personal Care. The cost of the care to the recipient is calculated on an individual basis.


Not everyone’s needs are best met by Community Care and conditions such as memory loss, dementia, or increasing frailty, often mean that the 24 hour supervision of care, (including medication administration), in residential care, is more appropriate.