The Goodwin Village Hostel offers quality residential aged care to permanent and respite ‘ageing in place’ accommodation.


‘Ageing in place’ allows low care residents to remain in the hostel, after they become high care, and even high care residents to be admitted in many circumstances.


The care provided in the aged care Hostel is quite diverse with the introduction of ‘ageing in place’. Although the traditional three meals a day and room cleaning are undertaken by the staff, our Hostel also provides assistance with most personal care routines, if required. These routines include bathing/showering; dressing; eating and special diets; toileting, and continence management; mobility and medication. Under the supervision of our Division 1, nurses personal care staff can also attend to wound care, and other more complex care issues. All Residents, their carers or family members are encouraged to discuss with the DivisionĀ 1 Nurses the care each individual resident needs, so that they can live as independently as they wish, but can get unlimited assistance in any of the care routines that they require.


The hostel has many features that make it attractive to residents. Including the provision of quality personal care, activities program, single rooms with single ensuites, in-house meals, visits by religious leaders, volunteers, the Goodwin Village Auxiliary, and many community groups. We have many professionals that provide on site services to our residents including, doctor, hair dresser, physiotherapist, entertainers.

People can access both permanent care and respite (short-term) care at Goodwin Village.

Goodwin Village is fundamentally a ‘low care’ facility but is able to admit and have ‘high care’ residents reside in the facility.


Respite care is receiving care in the hostel on a short-term basis and has three main functions.

  • To give carers a chance to have a break from caring for their elderly friend or relative. Caring for someone can be a very demanding and constant task, sometimes up to 24 hours per day. Also a carer may wish to take a holiday, therefore making it impossible to provide their usual support.
  • To allow elderly people, who have had a set back with their health, to be assisted to regain their full health by giving them a break from the usual self care, and including meal preparation and keeping their home
  • Provides potential residents with a trial period of Hostel life which will aid them in any decision regarding permanent Hostel residency.

For the costs associated with residential care please contact Goodwin Village.